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Moving Image Collections

The Teaching Collection supports the curriculum of all six CalArts schools with a focus on:  

  •  Animation, documentary, experimental and independent film, and film studies    
  •  Contemporary art, artists videos, and performance
  •  Dance, music and theater performance

Faculty and students may contact your subject specialist librarian to make purchase requests.

Other Moving Image Collections include:

  •  Student, faculty and alumni films and documented performances
  •  CalArts history including events, visiting artist and filmmakers lectures, and other recorded activities.

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Dance Camera West Dance Media Film Festival Collections

The collections consist of the Dance Camera West Dance Media Festival Collection and the Dance Camera West Research Collection.

The DCW Festival Collection contains 445 films screened from 2002 to 2011. 

The DCW Research Collection currently contains 350 films given to the founding director, and festival entry films. Both collections will grow in time.

Find DCW in the Library Catalog

All films may be found in the CalArts Library catalog

For a list of all DCW films, use the search phrase, “dance camera west”, or use a call number search, “nu:dcw”.

For a list of films screened in the Festivals, use the search phrase “dance camera west dance media film festival

For a list of films in the Research collection, use the search phrase, “dance camera west research collection”. 

Collections Access & Viewing

The DCW collections films are available for on-site research viewing to all researchers. Non-CalArts researchers may contact Library Film Services for questions, and may refer to the Library’s hours when planning a visit to the Library.

The collection items are not interlibrary loaned.

Collections items may be borrowed by CalArts faculty and are limited to fair use face-to-face in-classroom teaching.

Collection Origin & Future

The Dance Camera West Dance Media Festival organization generously gave their archive collection to the CalArts Library in late 2013. Library Film and Image Services Librarian managed the organization, preparation for access and preservation of these collections.The team consisted of a Dance Heritage Coalition fellow (summer 2014), Library Image Services Manager, Library Systems Librarian (cataloger) and many hours of student assistance.

These collections provide a significant body of dance on film materials to researchers. In the future, the collections will have a presence in the Dance Heritage Coalition online database.

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