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Intro to Critical Studies: Research Skills

How to Use This Course Guide

Welcome to the CalArts Library portion of your Introduction to Critical Studies course!

  • This course guide is a series of four ~15 minute activities: You'll have one research-related activity in each instructor's section of this course. Use the navigational menu to access these activities and the associated lectures.
  • Each activity is fully self-contained, and designed for you to do either on your own or in small groups. I made videos that serve as substitutes for lectures where appropriate!
  • Each instructor/TA may work differently with these modules, so they will either be assigned as homework or will be done as part of your TA discussion sections.
  • These activities are all open ended, there are no "right" answers, so have fun with them! If you have any library questions, email

Accessing Electronic Resources at CalArts Library

Want some general guidance on how to get started using the CalArts Library? Visit our Introduction to the CalArts Library research guide!

Looking for some general information on how to access and utilize the Library's online resources? Watch the video to learn more!