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Master's Theses Guidelines & Templates


All theses should be typed, neat, and with no strikeovers or handwritten corrections.

1) Type:

Size: 12 pt; If applicable, footnotes should be 10pt font.

2) Pagination:

 All pages are numbered, except for title page

  •  Preliminary pages Roman numerals;
  • Text: Arabic numbers

3) Thesis Body

Preliminary pages:

  • *Title page: Please see template for formatting and verbiage that should be included.
  • Table of Contents (if applicable)
  • List of figures and/or tables (if applicable)
  • *Abstract: 125 - 175 words



  • Introduction or preface
  • Text may be divided into sections or chapter at author's discretion
  • Appendices (if any): Production stills, dramaturgical notes, programs, etc.
  • Works cited (if applicable)


Print copies should be laser printed and single-sided

All materials can be bought in the student store

Paper Copy: Theses must be printed on at least 25 % cotton, 20 lb paper (white).  Standard xerographic bond is not acceptable.  Do not use Staples brand. Final thesis must be laser-printed.

Common brands: Southworth, Cranes, Mohawk

DO NOT submit special collections copy with holes punched in margin or within any kind of cover. The library will have this copy bound.


Margins for all printed material:


Left: 1.5”: The left margin is espcially important for binding purposes

Right: 1”

Top: 1”

Bottom: 1”

Footer: .5”

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