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Finding Funding: Where to Look for (and How to Write) Grants: 💸

Campus Resources

CalArts Student Grants

CalArts Faculty Grants

There may be specific funding opportunities available through your School. Get in touch with your School's program manager/administrative assistant to find out more.  Additionally, the Patty Disney Center for Life and Work can provide a variety of resources -- including information about grant writing and funding opportunities -- for the CalArts community.

CalArts Writing Center

Appointments and Walk-Ins

Monday-Wednesday, 10 am-10 pm
Thursday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm

Appointments can be made here.

Appointments are the same length as regular sessions (30-45 minutes max), but they guarantee you a slot with a tutor at a time that's convenient for you. Please bring all assignment / project materials with you to your appointment.

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General Resources

Statewide Grants

Federal Grants

Private Art-Focused Grantors

A Few Specific Opportunities for 2023-2024