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The Legal Medium: Art & Law

MLA Citations

I am providing the guidelines for citing a legal case, digital image, and musical score. For citing other types of sources (including films and artwork) you can review this MLA style guide or use this citation generator (still check to make sure it's accurate).

Legal case:

  • the government entity as author
  • the name of the case (“Title of source” element)
  • the year of the decision; it would also not be incorrect to include the day and month if it appears in your source
  • the title of the Web site containing the case (“Title of container” element)
  • the publisher of the Web site
  • the Web site’s URL (“Location” element)


United States’ Supreme Court. Brown v. Board of Education. 17 May 1954. Legal Information Institute, Cornell U Law School,

Digital Image (all of this information may not be available - do the best you can)

The name of the creator of the digital image
The title of the digital image
The title of the website that the image was found on
The names of any other contributors responsible for the digital image
Version of the image (if applicable)
Any numbers associated with the image (if applicable)
The publisher of the image
The date the image was created or published
The location of the image, such as a URL


Vasquez, Gary A. Photograph of Coach K with Team USA. NBC Olympics, USA Today Sports, 5 Aug. 2016,

Musical Score:

Composer Last, First name M. Title As It Appears On the Title Page*. Date of Composition.** Place of Publication: Publisher, Date Published. Medium of Publication.***

  • * Abbreviate no. and op. in title.
  • ** If year in unknown, use N.d.
  • *** If part of a series, include series information after publication medium.


Schwartz, Stephen. Defying Gravity. 2000. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard, 2003.