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Inclusion + Anti-Racism Resource Guide

This Inclusion + Anti-Racism Resource Guide is designed to provide a range of information, both general and specific, on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.  The Guide also serves as a collection of resources to help address issues, questions, and concerns regarding cultural intelligence and social justice, both of which are central to ongoing dialogues and demonstrable work within the CalArts community.  

The Guide is not meant to be an exhaustive or comprehensive list, and it will inevitably fail to capture all of the facets, nuances, and intersectional considerations that shape these conversations, studies, and practices.  This is also not a definitive or “finished” guide; it is a living document — it will change and evolve over time, and the CalArts Library welcomes your thoughts, suggestions, and corrections as we develop it collaboratively as a learning community.  The Inclusion + Anti-Racism Resource Guide is thus introductory and open-ended: it is a starting point for self-education and community learning, as well as a map offering myriad paths forward through deeper explorations of knowledge from a variety of sources.

Even as allies representing some of the identities highlighted across these pages, the creators of and contributors to this Guide acknowledge the limitations of their own privileges, perspectives, and hidden biases.  Feedback and suggestions regarding the Inclusion + Anti-Racism Resource Guide — particularly from the perspectives and lived experiences of the marginalized groups listed (and not listed) here — are welcomed and deeply appreciated.   Please email about anything related to this or other Resource and Research Guides created and developed by the CalArts Library.