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Dance Research Guide

Find Organizations + Opportunities

There are SO MANY dance-related opportunties, organizations, and entities out there for you to discover, learn more about, and potentially join / actively take part in — not just as a student, but throughout your life and career!  Whether it's jobs / gigs, other artistic or performance-related opportunities, funding sources, communities of practice, artist representation, inspiration, or something else that you're searching for, there are resources in one form or another that can help you with your way-finding.  The list below is just a smaaall sampling of some of the possibilities...

Do you have additional suggestions to add to this list (or to other parts of this Guide)?  DON'T DELAY!  Send your badass, amazing recommendations to Performing Arts Librarian, Sam Crawford ( today!

Associations, Networks + Other Organizations

Many dance associations, networks, and organizations offer not only networking opportunities but also administrative and/or financial support for producing your work, certain information and options related to health benefits, job and audition postings, and notices of grant and other funding / professional development opportunities. 

Dance on Film: Organizations + Festivals

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