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Introduction to the CalArts Library

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Types of Sources

Books: Of course, you can find books on just about any topic. Keep in mind there are academic books as opposed to books that are considered more popular (for a very wide audience). Best used for: when you need lots of information on a topic or want to get a broad view of your topic. 

Periodicals: Magazines, newspapers, or academic journals; any source that has a regular publication cycle (daily, weekly, mothly, quarterly). The articles within periodicals range in length based on the type of periodical. Popular magazine articles may be very short and intended to reach a very wide audience; scholarly journals tend to be longer and have a very narrow audience. Best used for: research on very specific topics and when you need the most recent information on a topic.

Encyclopedias: A book, or set of books, that is a collection of information either on a single subject (Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History) or many subjects (Encyclopedia Americana). 

Exhibition Catalogs: A book that provides information about a particular exhibit. Information that may be included: images of the works that were on display, information about the artist(s), and other criticisms. 

Artists' Books: These are books or book objects that are considered a work of art. An artist book may be a fine press book, limited edition book, or a one-of-a-kind. Some of the artists books in our collection have been digitized and are available in a digital collection.