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CalArts Library Online Teaching Toolkit

Personal [Virtual] Library Instruction for Your Class

Librarians are available to provide online library instruction both synchronously (virtually via Zoom) and asynchronously (developing information-rich assignments using the CalArts Library's online resources and content).

Librarians can provide course-integrated research and library instruction based on the needs of your class and assignments, and they can help your students:

  • Effectively articulate their research question and identify the resources needed
  • Develop effective search strategies and locate appropriate information (e.g., specific types of documents, scholarly materials, etc.)
  • Evaluate the information they are utilizing
  • Understand why citations are critical to scholarly and artistic conversations

To set up an instruction session, contact the librarian for your school. Not sure who to contact? Email

Personal [Virtual] Research Help

If you, your Teaching Assistants (TAs), and/or your students need in-depth help with research or special project, you (or they) can schedule an appointment to meet with a librarian remotely, either one-on-one or in a small group consultation.  You may also email for research support.  If you have other questions and are not sure who to contact, please refer to the Library's contact page.

Click on the blue “Questions?” button at the bottom of the Library’s web pages to get immediate, real-time assistance from a CalArts librarian, 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, during the regular semester.