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CalArts Library Online Teaching Toolkit

Electronic Reserves of Digital Materials for Your Courses

CalArts Library Course Reserves includes an electronic reserve or "E-Reserves" system, allowing you, as instructors, to compile and make accessible (through the Library’s website) various digital materials for your course(s).  Students will be able to search for and access these materials through our E-Reserves Search.  To set up E-Reserves for one or more of your courses, please use the Electronic Reserves Request Form, and please note that these requests can take up to two (2) weeks to process.  You will ultimately be provided with a unique link and a course-specific password for access to an E-Reserves page containing all the selected digital materials for your course.

Faculty should check the online catalog and electronic databases to determine if materials needed for their classes are already in the Library’s digital collections. Items may be placed on E-Reserve if the CalArts Library has a current license for access to the electronic material. If the item is not available, please contact your métier librarian to request purchase of new electronic resources. 

Faculty may also place on E-Reserve personal digital files (scans, etc.) of materials not otherwise available in electronic format, 
so long as the material has been lawfully acquired by the CalArts Library, a CalArts School, or a CalArts faculty member, and does not exceed the guidelines listed below:

  • One journal, magazine or newspaper article per periodical issue
  • One chapter per book
  • An excerpt from a prose work, so long as the excerpt does not exceed 10% of the work
  • One chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture per book or per periodical issue
  • A small portion of a video

Need some information about library support for scanning material for your courses? Check out our Scanning Guides, courtesy of Library Image Services.  You can also contact Image Services for additional support (

Student Support for Using + Finding E-Reserves

Link to E-Reserves Search

The video tutorial below walks students through the following: 

  • "What are Course Reserves?" 
  • How to find E-Reserves through the Library website
  • How to find (physical) Reserves in the CalArts Library