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Information Literacy at CalArts

The guide contains information surrounding key topics in information literacy and related resources for students and faculty.

Program Learning Outcomes

The following Information Literacy Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are scaffolded to reflect knowledge accumulated throughout the length of the BFA curriculum. They were developed from the CalArts Student Learning Committee’s Information Literacy Core Competency Rubric, in close alignment with the School of Critical Studies’ 2019 Program Goals.

Searching and Identifying 

PLO 1: Students will understand how to search for appropriate information utilizing the CalArts Library’s resources.

PLO 2: Students will identify keywords and subject headings for discovery of relevant information and utilize a variety of search systems to retrieve information reflective of diverse knowledge types in various formats.

Evaluation and Ethical Reflection

PLO 3: Students will apply evaluation criteria to information sources to assess authority, relevance, purpose, and bias in context, and they will consider their own roles and positionings in scholarly conversations.

PLO 4: Students will critically analyze information sources to determine the appropriate scope of information and type of knowledge necessary for their research needs.

Communicating and Creating

PLO 5: Students will synthesize and conceptualize information appropriate for an audience independently and in groups.

PLO 6: Students will contribute to the information landscape by exploring ideas and articulating their research topics in the spirit of inspired/creative information engagement.