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Personal + Professional Development Resource Guide

Dance Career Resources


People + Places

Associations, Networks, + Other Organizations
Many dance associations, networks, and organizations offer not only networking opportunities but also administrative and/or financial support for producing your work, as well as information related to job openings, upcoming auditions, grant opportunities, and obtaining health benefits.

Choreographers + Companies

Performance, Rehearsal, + Educational Venues

Talent Agencies + Unions


Artist Residencies

Grant Funding Organizations

Jobs + Auditions


Business Matters

  • California Franchise Tax Board 
    This is the self-employment licensing board for the state of California.
  • Entertaining Taxes
    This organization offers tax assistance for those in the entertainment industry; it is one of several industry-specific tax preparation resources.
  • Passport Information 
    Make sure to always have a passport that is active and non-expired. Some companies will not allow you to travel if your passport expiration date is within a six month period. DO NOT wait until the last minute to renew.
  • Small Business Administration 
    Through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), you can research various business types, find mentors, learn what paperwork is required to set up your business, and investigate financing options.
  • Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization

Dancer + Choreographer Reels

A reel is one of the most important things you will need to promote and market yourself.  Be sure to watch a wide variety of reels from other dancers and choreographers that you admire, to get a sense of what the current industry standard is, and what the creative possibilities might be. 

Consider creating a YouTube channel.  This has been a very effective marketing tool for many dancers and a way to reach a larger audience.  Daniel "Cloud" Campos (seen above) is an American dancer, director, choreographer, and actor who started breakdancing at the age of 11.  After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the dance industry, he joined Madonna in 2004 on her Re-Invention World Tour, and again in 2006 on her Confessions Tour.  "Cloud" has been working as a professional dancer for well over fifteen (15) years, and has successfully morphed his dance career into that of a multi-faceted performance artist.

Other Marketing Must-Haves

  • Casting Networks / L.A. Casting
    Casting Networks, also known as L.A. Casting, is a fee-based casting site used by the majority of commercial casting companies.  Users must create a profile and upload current pictures and a current résumé.
  • General Information about Headshot Photography [Ellen Wolff Photography]
    This page provides some useful information about headshots, as does this 2019 article from Backstage: "Headshots: Everything You Need to Know".
  • iActor 
    This is a casting site created by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). There is some overlap with the Casting Networks / L.A. Casting site, but iActor is equally necessary.