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This guide will help you get started with your library research. You can learn how to find sources, how to make sense of citations, what kind of sources you can use for your research paper, and more. 

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How to find digital (only) resources

Searching for sources across media types

Confused about how to start searching for your research topic?

Looking for a book?

How to tell if a citation is a book

You can tell your source is a book if there is both a location and a publisher. Use the author and title information to find a book. Follow along in the video below.

How to find a book in the library 

Looking for an article?

How to tell if a citation is an article from a magazine, journal, or newspaper 

If there is a specific date or volume number, you know it's an article you're trying to find. Use the publication title to look up the journal, magazine, or newspaper that contains the article

How to find an article, magazine, journal or newspaper in the library 

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