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About the Library

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Gifts of money to purchase Library materials are welcome. You may use CalArts' secure online giving site. Please contact with any questions.

Larger donations may be accepted in consultation with the appropriate subject librarian and the Office of Advancement, which arranges for the money to be credited to the appropriate library acquisitions fund. A special fund may be established for large gifts, while smaller, one-time gifts will be added to the regular acquisition fund for the designated subject area.

You may choose to give to a specific collection fund to support the purchase of materials: 

  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Critical Studies
  • Special Collection & Archives
  • Moving Image Collection

The library's general fund which supports the following:

  • The purchase of furniture or shelving
  • Professional Development for the librarians
  • The purchase of computers and other hard/software
  • Special projects such as construction 

Creation of an endowment:

  • To support the collection of a specific subject area or format
  • To support the general budget of the library

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